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25 март 2021 г.

ICT Trade Bulgaria: quarterly studies of the hardware market [form 1992]

"ICT Tarde Bulgaria" is a quarterly studies of the hardware market in Bulgaria. 

The product is fully designed and maintained by an independent agency CBN Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co.

It started in 1992.

Samples of the topics and data supported in the study can be found in the following 15 images:

I. ICT Import / Export summary

II. Computer systems export / import

III. Printing hardware import / export

IV. Video hardware import / export

V. Components - import / export

VI. Network hardware - import / export

VII. Parts & Accessories - import / export

VIII. UPS - import / export

IX TelCo equipment - import / export

X. Notebooks, tablets, smartphones in units - internal Bulgarian market 

XI. IT hardware in Bulgaria: internal market

XII. Wholesale of ICT in Bulgaria: indexes of turnover

XIII. Retail sale of ICT in specialized stores Bulgaria: indexes of turnover

XIV. Server' market in Bulgaria: volume in USD

XV. Storage systems' market in Bulgaria: volume in USD

For additional information, price and order:

+359887208069, L. Stoytcheff
+359887213069, B. Pannoff

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