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11 ноември 2018 г.

ICT Hardware Market Observer Bulgaria 2015 - 2020f, edition III

The latest and up-to-date market research with facts and figures for ICT hardware market in Bulgaria by the independent agency CBN - Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co. with 27 years experience is now available and can be ordered:

"ICT hardware market observer Bulgaria 2015 - 2020f:
3 years back review, 3 -years forecasts"

The study is exclusive for Bulgaria. The facts and figures in the survey (30 slides with facts and figures) show a real market picture for the development and the leaders of the ICT hardware market in the country.

The research has been prepared and focused entirely on the needs of business analysis and planning and is not intended for a wide audience.


Part I

Basic product lines: volume, numbers, brands’ shares

(main topics)

1. Desktop computers [PC & Servers]
2. Cellular phones [Mobile & Smartphones]
3. Flash memories
4. Mobile computers [Notebooks & Tablets]
5. Monitors
6. Networking hardware
7. Printing devices [Printers & MFU]
8. Storage devices [HDD & Mass Storage Systems]
9. UPS
10. ICT hardware market in Bulgaria: total volume
11. ICT hardware market as % GDP

Part II

ICT products selling channels: volume, growth, gross margin

(main topics)

I.      ICT Retailers [SME, on-line & of-line]
II.     IT & TLC service providers
III.   Office hardware sellers
IV.   Software services providers
V.    Telecoms
VI.  Telecom & Network equipment sellers
VII. Wholesalers

With a samples of the included data from all topics, you can find out below:

"ICT Hardware Market Observer Bulgaria 2015 - 2020f, edition III"
Two Parts 30 topics

Product total price: EUR 1200.00

Purchase on: office@cbn-bulgaria.com

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