Световните IT компании, отразявани в блога на CBN:

Acer (12) AMD (2) APC (3) Apple (8) ASRock (2) Asus (14) Brother (4) Canon (4) Cisco (4) D-Link (7) Dell (15) DeLUX (2) Eaton (3) Epson (2) Fujitsu (6) Gigabyte (3) HP (15) HTC (2) IBM (4) Infor (8) Intel (4) Kaspersky Lab (2) Kingston (5) Lenovo (14) LG (5) Logitech (3) Microsoft (17) Oracle (12) Philips (4) Prestigio (4) Qlik (3) Samsung (15) SAP (15) Seagate (5) Sony (3) Toshiba (10) TP-Link (6) WD (5) Xerox (3)


CBN info & marketing services road map:

ICT Trade Bulgaria: Import & Export of hardware – units & value (USD & EUR)
Computes: desktops, mobile
Printing hardware: copiers, faxes, MFD, printers, parts, toner cassettes
Video hardware: digital cameras, monitors, mm projectors
Components: keyboards, HDD, tapes, flash memory,
Network hardware; Parts; UPS;
Telco: cordless phones, cellular phones, GPS
Split by units: notebooks vs. tablets
Split by units: smartphones vs. mobile phones
Internal market: Import minus Export
ICT products growth: retail and whole sale
Quarterly, Since 1992

CBN Top_100 BG: Ranks by revenues
Bulgaria Top100: ICT integration and services providers
Bulgaria Top100: Software business
Bulgaria Top100: Technology business
Yearly, Since 1995

ICT Markets Bulgaria: Market VOLUMES in facts and figures: annual results and forecasts
Technology hardware: basic product lines desktop & servers, hdd & mss, mobile phones, monitors, network hardware, notebooks & tablets, printers & mfd and ups.
IT & TLC equipment in volume: import, export and internal market
ICT industry in Bulgaria: volume of goods and services sold, comparing with GDP
Yearly, Since 2011

IT Survey Bulgaria: Distributor – dealer’s business channels
Brands (most sold): PC, Servers, Notebooks, Tablets, OS, Security software, Smartphones, Monitors, Laser printers, MFD-laser, MFD-ink, UPS, MM Projectors, Motherboards, Processors, HDD-internal, SSD, HDD-external, RAM, Flash, Cases, Networking, Surveillance cameras, GPS.
Distributors (most purchased from): PC, Servers, Notebooks, Tablets, Software, Monitors, Printers, MFD, UPS, Motherboards, Processors, Surveillance cameras, HDD, RAM, Flash, Cases, Smartphones, Networking and Multimedia.
Customer satisfaction (best): prices, store, service, credit lines, loyalty programs, web orders, trust, total, sales managers, product lines approval.
Dealer’s business: Yearly growth and forecasts – hardware, software, services and consumables, e-shops, GSM revenues,
Yearly, Since 1997

Business analytics: employeesrevenues, net profit, as % from BG GDP
ICT whole sale business: revenues, shares, cost of goods, gross margin, cost of business, cost of wages, store, claims, obligations, employees, revenue per employed, wages per year and month, inventory days, receivable days, return of capital.
Technology business (10 segments): employeesrevenues, revenue per employed, net profit
Technology business (10 segments): wages per employed (monthly and yearly)
Yearly, Since 2007

VIP Business Bulgaria: B2B date base, selected by revenue, profit, fixed assets, staff
Total number of Largemedium and small enterprises in Bulgaria: 7,500 responcents
ICT key companies in Bulgaria: 1,000 respondents
Yearly, Since 1991

more info: www.cbn-bulgaria.com

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